Save The World Foundation an independent organization, established in 1997 by Master Sathittham Pensuk, which consists of a group of approximately 100 spiritual and universal energy researchers and healers.

Master Sathittham and his students also study and research Quantum Energy, Earth’s magnetic field and natural phenomenon involving humanity and the universe.

          The center has participated in many activities and events since 1997, which led a seminar called ‘Earth’ s Crises" in 2000. The Seminar brought healers, mediators, psychics and believers into a discussion concerning natural disasters such as earthquakes, soil erosion, flood and tsunamis which have continued to occur around the globe.

           The research showed that not only has our planets crust moved in position, but there are changes in its magnetic field causing the Earth to orbit slower. The reasons for this include numerous acts by the human race which have affected the balance of the planet. At present, the imbalance is at a critical level and many disasters are imminent.

The famed Al Gore presentation, An Inconvenient Truth, describes Earth’s state of imbalance, and clearly demonstrates our hands in the matter. The former vice president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.    Among other documentary films which examine world crises and disasters, The 11th  Hour, co-starring actor Leonardo Dicaprio and National Geographic documentary Six Degrees are notables. They speak of organisations including IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and WMO (World Meteorological Organization) which have done careful scientific analyses showing clearly the negative effects that human beings are having on climate changes.

           Global situations occuring from the past to present have given birth to a new group entitled Save The World Foundation (SAVE) originating in Thailand, which aims to aid our planet in restoring its proper balance in this critical time. The group travels around the globe to specific areas of tragedy and of high vibrational field to release and transform energy as necessary to upgrade the Earths unified field.  The following is a list of activities and events of the SAVE over the last few years.


     In 2005, lost souls from the Tsunami tragedy were freed during spiritual and meditative work at Yanyaw temple, Pangga province. At the time there were approximately 4000 casualities in proximity from approximately 20 different countries. (Photos of the event are available)

     In 2006, Freeing of lost souls in an international school next to NB (former war) hospital, Silom, Bangkok.

          In 2007, Mission to Kailash Mountain, Tibetan Himalayas, was organized to adjust the Earth’ s core with Tibetan monks in the Sakadawa festival.  Kailash mountain is known as psychic mountain, where it is believed that there is the highest of energies in the earth’s magnetic field and in the Tibetan tradition it is beleived that it is the abode of the most sacred of beings. (More >)

       In April 2008, the organization helped free lost souls by a ceremonial process and meditation in Chiang Rai Lake, Chiang Rai province where once in the past, 1200 years ago, an ancient kingdom named Yonok Nakorn was annihilated by an earthquake in a single night and submerged under water, causing countless deaths.  (More >)

          From July 12 to 25, 2008, SAVE traveled to meditate and release pure universal energy from a source which lies hidden in under a part of the Indian Himalayas named Sanscar in little Tibet, in the hills of Ladakh, the silk path between India and Tibet. Information and assistance in this endevour was channelled from higher beings including alien life and communication with different types of energy from verious realms took place.

         From September 12 to 19, 2008, meditation at Cheun-tu, Sishuan for releasing spirits remaining after the recent earthquake which caused about 200,000 deaths. SAVE would adjust the balance of the world at Jiuzhaigou Valley, also called ‘Fairyland’. This would connect the energy between earth and heavens to bring pure energy to the human world once again.

         From December 22-28, 2008, about 200 volunteer spiritual practitioners (mediators, psychics, healers) from around the globe will be gathering together to do Thailands first global group meditation in Phuket, Southern Thailand, at Pahtong, Maikao, Kata, and Kraton beaches, and every location that has had Tsunami victims.  The purpose is to purify the energy, which is still in a negative state with many spirits left in torment, to send love and compassion with pure hearts to the lost souls from the Tsunami tragedy, to transcend the spirits and balance the energy in the area, which will have a tremendous positive effect all over Asia and will help to reduce the possiblity of future devistating natural disasters. 
Spiritual activities may be seen as strange those who are unfamiliar, but meditation in order to purify energy and create loving connections has been around for millenniums and has made its way through many religious traditions.


SAVE is a non-religious organisation, welcoming and respecting those of all faiths and belief systems.  Every last soul in the universe is respected and deserves love and compassion, and assistance if necessary. USO is also not a new belief group; it consists of people who simply hope to free the earth of its pain as much as possible, by using pure hearts and pure universal energy.

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Details and further information are available at the above address.
We hope you will support or assist SAVE. We are looking for not just funding, but for people with good hearts to volunteer and be a part in our be a part of our ground-breaking endeavours to save our planet and restore balance to this part of the universe. Please contact us out of your admiration and/or desire for participation in our acts of true love.

SAVE ( Save The World Foundation  )    ( click for mission statement )

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